Career Explorations Weekly Update

 In Career Explorations - 8th Grade

The student will analyzes personal interests and aptitudes regarding education and career planning. The students are expected to:develop and analyze tables, charts, and graphs related to career interests; identify entrepreneurial opportunities within a field of personal interest. They will evaluates skills for personal success and are expected to: use interpersonal skills to facilitate effective teamwork;use a problem-solving model and critical-thinking skills to make informed decisions by the of use effective time-management and goal-setting strategies. They will identify skills that can be transferable among a variety of careers. Skills for professional success will be developed .

They will demonstrate effective verbal, nonverbal, written, and electronic communication skills; model characteristics of effective leadership, teamwork, and conflict management; explore and model characteristics necessary for professional success such as work ethics, integrity, dedication, perseverance, and the ability to interact with a diverse population and; complete activities using project- and time-management techniques.

The over-all goal for your student is to identify and explore technical skills essential to careers in multiple occupations, including those that are high skill, high wage, or high demand.

This week we are thinking about different careers and what skills they require.