Weekly Email

 In Language Arts - 8th Grade

Our goal for this semester is to build on our reading skills we worked on last semester and to expand our vocabulary using root words practice.

This week

Continue to work on  our understanding how to use google classroom. Continue working on our reading comprehensions skills.

Learning Target: I can read and comprehend what was read.

I can use the text to support to and reflect on what was read.

Lesson Objective:

  • The student will practice reading passages and find the correct answers to question given about the passage.
  • The student will have an understand different roots used in roots, to best understand what a words means.
  • The student will be able to explain a passage given and have a better understanding of the information provided.

Monday-Last day to turn in all assignments

Tuesday-Work on Finals

Wednesday–Finals are due. Re-dos will be returned

Thursday-Grades are finalized today.

Friday-Breathe you made it.